Trinity Lutheran Church

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About Us

Teach, Live, and Share Christ's Love

Trinity Lutheran Church is located in the Lake Superior shoreline community of Hovland, Minnesota.  We are a member congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the Northeastern Minnesota Synod of the ELCA.  Our unique setting has shaped our history and ministry.

Here at Trinity Lutheran in Hovland we find ourselves drawn by God, stirred by the Holy Spirit, and called by Jesus Christ, so the world around us may see God's love. 

Our mission statement, "Teach, Live, and Share Christ's Love" tells others (and ourselves!)  a lot about who we are. We are to Teach Christ to one another, and Teach Christ to those around us by how we Live Christ as a community of faith and as individuals.  Living Christ means we intentionally Share Christ, obeying God’s desire that the love of God be spread to all the world.

Here at Trinity, God provides a beautiful worship space, building, and gardens.  This is a place for worship and gathering where the Sacred meets the everyday. Strengthened by worship, Holy Communion, and a place of respite and rest, we also head out our thrown open door to Live Christ by widening our invitation to worship, faith, and community.

Yes, the Holy Spirit sends us out into the world, to Live Christ. And in doing that, we find we Share Christ, with one another, with all the world.  We Share Christ so that others too encounter the risen Christ, begin to know that joy can increase, welcome can expand, and what divides can lessen.

Since 1909 Trinity has been seeking to be followers of Jesus and since the first building was completed in 1913, we have been seeking to be sent out into God’s world.  Today as in those earliest days, we find that the Holy Spirit moves us beyond ourselves to Share Christ.  We remember our history and look forward in thanksgiving to God.